Monday, January 5, 2009

Bedtime Photos

It's just after midnight and about to hit the sack, but firstI thought I would post some old photos I took on an ancient Fijuca SLR. They are from different locations and different times, the most recent taken about a year ago and the oldest at least four. Everything from swans, to a band, to my father! Enjoy!

Katelyn in the Photo Lab at William Paterson University

A Band in Central Park (New York, NY)

Barrel rings in Milltown, NJ

...and the barrel they go on!

Swans gone fishin' in Stirling, NJ

The same swan taking a stroll with some ducks, again in Stirling, NJ

The ducks on lookout until sundown

Candles and a cross in church: New York, NY

An incredible bass player at William Paterson University

Last, and most importantly, my dad.
He is the one responsible for my photography.

I hope you all enjoy the old photos and look forward to your comments! Sleep well.

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