Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Truth Is Out There!

Remember what that's from? 

Anywho, I was tagged with an Honest Scrap Award on Tina Crespo's blog. Now it's my turn to be completely honest.

I must name 10 different HONEST things about myself. If I tag you, then you can do the same as well!!!


1- I'm very picky about my waitresses & food when I eat at a diner... bad habit, but the TRUTH!!!

2- I sometimes wish I was born 200 years ago as a Blacksmith.... REALLY!!!

3- The girl who has my heart will have it forever!!!

4- I love sleeping, especially IN... That's the TRUTH!!!

5- I want to travel more than anything ever... ever... NO LIE!!!

6- I want to take a picture of every person on Earth... Wish me luck!

7- I'm having trouble thinking of interesting things to write here.

8- I love being outdoors more than being anywhere else...

9- I look at the clock at 11:11 almost every day.. kinda of creepy!

10- Europe, Africa, South America, Asia/Australia ... in THAT order! And throw Antartica in there somewhere too.

Well, that's that! And I am tagging:

Jena -
Leilani -
Kara -
Alex -


  1. 1. I'm seriously thinking of doing a blooper reel of funny faces of clients of mine.

    2. I take 12 vitamins a day.

    3. I own 2 cats. both black. But I'm not a creepy cat lady I swear! :)

    4. I'm hoping to quit my sucky day job in 3 years. fingers crossed.

    5. My biggest pet peeve is waking up and realizing the bottom sheet has come undone and I'm laying my head on the mattress! ew!

    6. I lived in Africa for 4 months and I wish I had the funds to travel more!

    7. But if I did win the lottery- I'd pay off my student loans asap. I hate being in debt.

    8. I'm not going to say I'm ruling out the possibility - but I'll find it hard to date a guy who doesn't have Facebook and Verizon.

    9. Fall is by far my favorite season but I will whine when it's cold.

    10. I'm not posting this on my blog because I actually don't have any friends that have a blog besides you. Isn't that lame?

  2. NICE WORK MY MAN! Keep it up...